• * Thermal mass insulation and reflective insulation in walls and roofs.
  • * Mass insulation with dry mortar on floors.
  • * Interior partition walls, wall linings and false ceilings, PLADUR, FERMACEL or similar with plates F.O.C. with 15mm F.O.C. panels on a rock wool mantle with high fire resistance and excellent acoustic behavior.
  • * Exterior PVC or aluminum windows with thermal break and double or triple glazing for solar control + 1 or 2 air chambers or argon gas.
  • * Flooring in living/dining room and bedrooms + ceramic tiles in kitchen and bathrooms.
  • * Top quality kitchen furniture, to be chosen by the client.
  • * Wall cladding in bathrooms and kitchens of your choice.
  • * Bathrooms and toilets in white color of ROCA or similar brand.
  • * Bathroom, toilet and kitchen taps of GROHE brand.
  • * Interior doors with solid wood frames and trim, optionally lacquered in white with rubber gaskets and stainless steel fittings.
  • * Parquet flooring in galleries and surroundings of the house.
  • * Interior painting of walls and ceiling finished in satin white color.
  • * Solar panel for A.C.S. and heating support.
  • * Heat recuperator (double-flow controlled mechanical ventilation) with particle and pollen filters.
  • * Air-conditioning system (winter and summer) by means of high efficiency heat pump and fan coil exposed or inside the false ceiling.
  • * Approved electrical system with halogen-free materials.
  • * Mechanisms of SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER or similar brands.
  • * Approved telecommunications system.
  • * Sanitation system with polypropylene pipes and rubber gaskets.
  • * Sanitary hot and cold water system with polybutylene piping with mechanical union or thermofusion.


  • * Exterior windows with triple glazing + argon gas chambers.
  • * Exterior glazing with low or high solar factor as appropriate.
  • * Energy efficient kitchen appliances.
  • * External window obscuration systems of your choice.
  • * Photovoltaic panels with storage batteries and voltage converter.
  • * Home automation system with control from mobile phone, PC or Tablet.
  • * Canadian well system as a complement to the double flow controlled mechanical ventilation + complementary filters.
  • * Rainwater and gray water recovery system for use in toilets and irrigation.
  • * Green roof system, which absorbs CO2 and fine particles, emits oxygen and improves thermal/acoustic insulation, protecting the roof.