The ATICTEC™ system is designed from the outset so that the following integrated elements work in harmony:

  • The aerothermal air conditioning system
  • Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
  • Reinforced insulation of walls, floor slab and roof
  • The elimination of thermal bridges.
  • High-performance windows.
  • Low-emissivity solar control glass, with a chamber filled with 90% argon gas.
  • Shading of windows.
  • Envelope sealing systems.
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) with rock wool.
  • Rockwool ventilated façade system.

Some of these elements can be incorporated into a traditional or prefabricated building, but in ATICTEC™ systems they all work together in an optimal way to achieve unique comfort and very low energy consumption. Optionally, the ATICTEC™ system can be upgraded with the addition of the following elements:

  • Motorized venetian blinds.
  • Photovoltaic solar panels for electricity generation.
  • Batteries for electricity storage.
  • Solar water heating systems.
  • Canadian well system.
  • Rainwater cisterns for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.
  • Green roof.


ATICTEC™ is the brand of efficient homes.

ATICTEC™ is formed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in architecture and industrial engineering.

It is the result of constant research and development with the aim of building in a more accurate, efficient, environmentally friendly and high comfort way.



ATICTEC™ uses engineering as a basic tool to develop the ATICTEC™ building system.The system makes it possible to construct very low-energy buildings precisely, customized and everywhere in the world..

ATICTEC™ has it proper system of construction, It provides accuracy in execution and reduces substantially the lead time. The final price is fixed at no extra cost.

ATICTEC™ has its own architecture and design department, which will translate the customer's wishes into an energy-efficient house.With ATICTEC™ it is also possible to carry out projects by external architects.For us every project is singular, that's why ATICTEC™ offers a personal accompaniment to its customers, designs the house with great care while meeting the needs of the clients.

ATICTEC™ houses are designed from the outset with excellent comfort in mind, with programmable air renewal systems, pollen and activated carbon filters and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.